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Andres Laracuente: Seasonal Year

Nov 6 - Dec 1, 2016

Opening reception: November 5th, 2016, 7-10pm
November 6th: 1-6pm
By appointment until Dec 1

September 22nd 2016

Sad reality sinking in. Election season. Contemporary, always temporary. Blowing in the Fall, all autumnal wind. Mysteries in the golden light.

I'm excited to wear clothes again, to layer and shop online. Clothing fabricated in America, like the world's best hoodies. If it's good enough for Silicon Valley, it's good enough for me. My Fall wish list includes: American Giant hoodie (what color?) Halloween themed paper towels, not party napkins, but the kind on a roll, like Bounty. Adidas boots, a wardrobe that consists of clothing with custom embroidered character faces that I have drawn by hand.

He has become he who shall not be named. He is fear, I have no fear. Harry Potter and "election season" have crossed. But as JK Rowling has shown, fear empowers evil. That's why I wanna be explicit. It’s September, but the election has already come. The hard reality is a tyrant has already become president in the imagination of Americans. In these terms it’s possible so it’s done. Fantasy must be free, it is free to fear. I was trying to buy No Fear logo t-shirts for the campaign season. Time is almost up. But I can still wear it after the election.

Trump's campaign is a fantasy of a self sufficient, sustainable autonomous America. Free of any responsibility to the world at large. No more globalism and all it’s problems. Where will I buy Halloween paper towels? My spirit flows with magic, adventure, courage, and mystery. Halloween hasn't passed but it will. Temporal presence is defined in these paintings. This exhibition is about contemporary states and a permanent temporary. Seasonal art, in an anxious time.

-Andres Laracuente